The Difference Between Prepaying & Prearranging

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Prepaying is paying upfront for services that you prearrange. The funds that we take now for the prearrangements will go directly into a trust or annuity account where they will remain until the death occurs. Once the death occurs the funds are released to us so we may perform the services you purchased on the prearrangement contract.

Once you pay in full for the services of the pre-paid contract those services are guaranteed, excluding disbursements. You will not have to pay any additional fees for those particular services in the future. Any interest accrued in the trust account will go toward covering any inflation in costs. If there are any funds remaining after the present day costs are covered, the remaining funds will go back to the estate of the deceased.


Prearranging is the process of deciding on exactly what services you would like and pre-planning them with Basic Funerals. This assures that your family members know your final wishes and provides a road map on what you want. No upfront payment is made however today's prices will not be guaranteed at the time of need.